La locanda della compagnia” is located at the beginning of the village, and it faces a little typical square where you can find the wonderful Our Ladys Church of the 1871, and a group of characteristic towered houses of the Cinque Terre.

During the last century, in the place where the Locanda is actually located, there was the Holy Virgins Brotherhood see (called “cumpagnia”, in local dialect). Its prestige was famous in all the Cinque Terre, and the possibility to be one of it was a great ambition for every village. Afterwards, thanks to its roominess, that place was transformed in the cinema of the village and a point of meeting for the community in the 30/50s, where the typical rural parties took place.

We hope these historical notices tempt you to visit us and to be our welcome guests. Nowadays, it is a beautiful, comfortable and familiar structure, furnished with all modern comforts, and where kindness, politeness and cleanliness always reign, tv sat ,air conditioned ,and” FREE WI FI SERVICE”!!

How to reach Locanda Dalla Compagnia

Locanda “Dalla Compagnia” in Riomaggiore, in the marvelous contest of “5 Terre”, it’s near La Spezia, few minutes by car. NB: We suggestion the use of train.


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